The more I play with it, the more I understand it but at the same time discover new things to be confused about. No I’m not talking about my penis I’m talking about my laptop and sitting down to write at it is something that time rarely allows me to embrace. Working full time and being a single parent doesn’t help either… Wait. Did I just sound like so many women there?

Anyway, I have snuck a little time in recently and after I wrote my last post I was immediately attracted to the female privilege I am to rework next which states:

“You can be confident that your coworkers won’t assume you were hired because of your sex.”

Now this little gem (found here) I loved instantly after reading it. Not because I thought it contained even a zebra’s stool ounce of wisdom but because I had just recently read an article which revealed a fact that turned the whole thing into this beautiful misshapen heap of slap in the ass irony.

I shed a single tear. Really I did.

Perhaps a small window can be opened here, not to the ad nauseum actions of feminism at work, but it’s dark and real consequences. However it is not we, the sane, that will feel the effects of said consequences, but rather the feminists that will get the full, Hi-def close encounter with irony of the 3rd kind. The article in all its glorious tom foolery can be found…

-> HERE<-

If you didn’t get the hint, please go read the article first before continuing. Irony is a mistress who needs her extremities slightly caressed before she graces you with her full experience.

(Insert calming sounds of the sea side here)

(Insert calming sounds of the sea side here)

Absorbed it? Good. Now let’s read that male privilege one more time.

 “You can be confident that your coworkers won’t assume you were hired because of your sex.”

Part 1 – How to get a job if you are a woman

In the article you just read it stated, “In an experiment that involved sending out more than 2,500 resumes either with or without photos of the applicant, economics researchers Bradley Ruffle at Ben-Gurion University and Ze’ev Shtudiner at Ariel University Center sought to answer the question of whether being good looking could help you find a job.” Now I wish we lived in a world where the awful consequences of hypocrisy were more transparent and better understood by the majority of people, but that galaxy is 12 parsecs over. You know the one where feminism was never born, but since we don’t I’m going to have to rub it in a little.

Here we have this study to determine what factor attractiveness has in regards to companies hiring employees. These two economist researchers, poised and ready, send their troops out to collect the data. As they anxiously await the results, the troops come limping home far too early for all the data to have been collected.

“Why are you back soon!” shouts economist number 1. “It’s impossible you have everything we need!”

The quivering troops reply, “We ran into something we hadn’t reckoned on.”

That’s right. They hadn’t counted on the towering gauntlet that lay between them and the information they wished to share with the world. What was this gauntlet you say? Well none other than the Minotaur of Crete …err… I mean the HR department.

Anyone who has worked for almost any type of company knows HR, but despite my assumption that most of you don’t have the best of relationships with these strange folk living in your offices, how bad could they be? Well there is the fact that according to the research, “93 percent of the HR staffers deciding whether to call in someone for an interview were female. It turns out that HR women (who also tend to be young and single and hence still in the dating market for men) are eager to meet with handsome men. But they’re jealous of beautiful women.” Don’t believe it? If you are at work, take a stroll down to the HR department and take a peek inside. Count the pumps and scents of perfume, and if you do it stealthily enough you might catch them doing one of their two favorite activities, talking or doing nothing.

But I’m not here to write a hit piece on HR, the article did that nicely. I am here to expose the hypocrisy of the thesis stating that women are severely disadvantaged in the work force because men only hire them for their looks; oh how the enema of irony hurts so good. It is not the hairy outstretched palm of patriarchy turning ugly women away and groping beautiful women as they walk through the company doors with no real experience, it is actually other bitchy feminists just like you that are the reason you are printing out your 15th résumé this month. In fact if more men held positions at the front gates of companies, according to the data you would all be employed by now. (That is if you send in a naked picture of yourself along with your former work history)

I have great interpersonal skills.

So do people assume that women get hired for their looks and not their skills? Well one of the articles that Forbes sourced stated, “Studies have shown that they (women) are more likely to be promoted than their plain-Jane colleagues. Because people tend to project positive traits onto them, such as sensitivity and poise, they may also be at an advantage in job interviews.” After the revelations of the aforementioned Israeli study however, whether or not you are hired based on your sex depends on who is doing the hiring and 93% of the time it is a woman, so if you are pretty you might also be out of luck.

Part 2 – Female Aggression

You are an attractive women hitting the pavement in search of a new career. You are determined and know that what you might lack in ability you can more than make up for with some perfume and a push-up bra. It might not be fair but hey, it’s a dog eat dog world, or should I say woman eat woman.

The New York Times sourced a recent issue of ‘Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society’ where a Dr. Hrdy pointed out some interesting data about female competition. In it she states, “intrasexual competition is the most important factor explaining the pressures that young women feel to meet standards of sexual conduct and physical appearance.” In the immortal words of Dr. Watson, no shit Sherlock! Women really compete aggressively with one another over sexual conduct and physical appearance? What most of us just took for common knowledge, these scientists set out to prove once and for all as being the truth.

The article states, “To see how female students react to a rival, researchers brought pairs of them into a laboratory at McMaster University for what was ostensibly a discussion about female friendships. But the real experiment began when another young woman entered the room asking where to find one of the researchers.” The pairs of female students observed a very attractive woman come into the room saying she was looking for a researcher. Unknown to the students, their reactions were being recorded as they observed the women sometimes in jeans and sometimes in a much sexier get up. The jeans didn’t get much of a reaction but when she wore the low cut blouse and short skirt, ‘virtually all the students reacted with hostility.’ To me, a study like this is the equivalent of poking a hungry wild bear and expecting him not to eat you, but hey it’s science.

Let's see what happens if we cover ourselves in BBQ sauce.

Let’s see what happens if we cover ourselves in BBQ sauce.

During the study the female students conducted themselves as hostile females do. They rolled their eyes, muttered among themselves and even shouted at the woman. When the lady left the room the reactions were even worse with the students laughing out loud and saying that the woman must have wanted to have sex with a professor. Again, are we really surprised at this?

The article sums up by also stating that slut shaming is committed far more often by women than men, and that it is social pressure from female peers that drive women neurotic with fancy diets, expensive clothes and general low self esteem, not TV advertisements or the half attractive neighbor that seems to be staring at you every time you are watering your lawn. Yes, women can now, under the sound objectivity of science, be assured that the greatest threat to their strivings for equality and feminine pride are other women. Now go eat a piece of cheesecake, watch Twilight for the 17th time and cry yourself to sleep.


One thing I like about this continuing piece I’m writing is that it challenges me and my writing ability. No, I don’t have wet dreams about what I can write next on the ill behavior of women and feminists. It is often a struggle between actually giving a shit about this subject and playing the X-Box and the latter usually wins out; but by God you do learn a thing or two.

For one thing, though the staggering pettiness women have between one another comes as no surprise, it is refreshing to see scientists, and women scientists at that, really drive the point home. Sure women may feel they are unfairly thought of as having gained employment simply because of their sex, but guess what? It is other women who are making that assumption! And not only are women assuming you are nothing but a slut in a business suit, but they are also in the best position to shatter your career achieving dreams because your boobs seemed a little perkier than hers when you came in for the job interview.

Meet the new CEO of Apple.

Meet the new CEO of Apple.

There is no patriarchy here. That old dog has bought the farm. The looming shadow of a successful man no more holds the key to your winning career than does your see through blouse and 4 inch pumps. Instead could we be seeing an unforeseen side effect of modern day feminism? Are the little spoiled princesses finally waking up from their generation long self aggrandizing binge, with the worst hangover imaginable laying in bed next to an extremely obese Asian man and a midget dyke dressed as a purple dildo? Have women become their own worst enemies in their blind pursuit of unlimited privilege with no responsibility? Time will tell and when it does I’ll make lots of popcorn and have a front row seat to karma’s wonderful conclusion. But wait a few minutes and some feminist retard will try to magically fem-splain how men are somehow responsible for the puke stains and graffiti on her tits. In the meantime let’s try to come up with our own female privilege for number four on our list…


Wait a second… when I think about it, I haven’t really highlighted a female privilege in this piece at all. Instead I’ve only pointed out how the biggest disadvantage women have in regards to their careers and social status is other women! I can’t for the life of me think of any advantage women may have in this area if they are doomed to constantly compete with other women!

Unless they are ugly…


Curse you Mr. Metrosexual!

You may have won this time, but I’ll be back!

Yours Sincerely,

The Evil Doctor Sirias

P.S. Your mother wears army boots and has no problem finding a job!



By Ayam Sirias

We all know the stereotype about how women are bad drivers right? You might even have had personal experiences which reinforce this, I know I have, but is it true? Well let’s explore this concept by examining point number 3 on self proclaimed metro-sexual Sam Killermann’s blog post listing of 30+ male privileges shall we and try to get to the bottom of this conundrum.

“You can be a careless driver and not have people blame it on your sex.”

Killermann’s quote above obviously is saying that men have an enormous privilege because even if they drive badly no one is going to say it is because they are men, and what a wonderful privilege this is. We can drive carelessly and recklessly all over town and people will blame it on our driving skills not our penises. However one thing about this stereotype just didn’t sit well with me and I figured it was the fact that men, by and large, pay far more annually for car insurance than women do and guess why that is. Yup, you got it, because we have a penis.

Gender Discrimination in Automobile Insurance?

Insurance companies bank on paying out the least amount possible in insurance claims each year so they must be down with the facts and stats about who really are the worst drivers; men or women. Do people who work for car insurance companies sit quietly in the background at social events while people bemuse themselves with sexist jokes on how women can’t drive, all the while sadly shaking their heads thinking, ‘If only you knew the truth’? How could so many men be wrong with their striking wit and sarcasm as they lambast their wives and girlfriends in jovial tales of how driving with the fairer sex is like a near death experience? Well the truth is men do pay more for car insurance so we must ask the question why.

According to a Forbes article sourcing a CBS news post, ‘men pay on average $15,000 more for auto insurance in their lifetime compared to women.’

These rates are traditionally thought to correspond with the fact that men get into more accidents than women do but there is more to it. According to the same Forbes article, there are many factors which go into how much you have to pay for insurance. Some things mentioned are speeding, drunk driving, being loyal to a single insurance company and even the model and age of the car you drive. Considering these factors, when we look at the statistics men seem to fail in almost all those categories. Men tend to speed more often and are more likely to drink and drive. Men are also more likely to purchase and drive more powerful vehicles which can affect your insurance costs. When is the last time you saw a woman driving a beefed up car with a V8 engine? Usually women are the passengers in those kinds of cars because the owner clearly has a lot of money. Unfortunately the stats reflect the, dare I say, stereotype that men are more reckless and bigger risk takers. You can see for yourself at articles here, here and here.

Yes men tend to be more confident, aggressive and more willing to take risks, and because of this they pay more for insurance. Do I sense a little gender discrimination? However, if we can admit the stereotype that men are more aggressive and take more risks has some truth to it can we not also examine the stereotype that women are worse drivers in the same way?

Women Can’t Drive

Before we get into actual accident statistics, let’s take a short breather and watch this video of a silly woman driver.

Ahhhh that was funny, but let’s get back to burning brake pads and twisted metal shall we.

In my searches through the ones and zeroes of the information age I came across two particular studies which were quite recent on accident statistics and gender. The first was done this year, 2013, in Australia. The article can be found here and the actual survey and its responses can be found here.

According to Private Fleet, ‘after carefully analyzing 2403 responses from men and 988 responses from women, it appears that women are actually around 40% more likely to be involved in an accident per kilometer driven.’ Yes you read that right, men may take more risks behind the wheel but when you look at the ratio of accidents per distance driven women take the real life smash up derby cake. Could the stereotypes be true? Could blaming women’s poor driving skills on their sex have statistics to back up such claims? Are Australian women really that poor at driving?

The second study I came across was done by researchers at the University of Michigan who analyzed 6.5 million car crashes in the U.S. between 1998 and 2007. Go ahead and Google that. Hundreds of articles will pop up which source that exact same research. One article states, ‘an “inordinate number” of accidents happen when both drivers are women. Researchers found that accidents in which both drivers are female made up 20.5% of all crashes, a number much higher than expected.’ Wait a minute… much higher than expected? How much credit are we giving women drivers these days?

More examples of articles related to that University of Michigan study can be found here, here and here.

While sifting through all these articles it was funny to see how the authors couldn’t agree on whether or not the Michigan research proved that women actually are worse drivers or that men are as reckless as we have always assumed. Some authors tried to justify why women were in far more accidents than expected by saying it was because they were shorter or, because they drive less often, they lack the confidence. This may be true, but one particular info-graphic caught my attention which also sourced the Michigan research. It is embedded below. This article seemed to take a more pro-female approach to the data and this doesn’t surprise me as it was written by an insurance company. Can’t have men believing they are actually better drivers than the insurance companies say they are, especially considering the price men have to pay for it.

Are Women Bad Drivers?n

Source: Shift Insurance

Now go over that graphic and try to find the error they made when quoting the real statistics on the 6.5 million accidents. I won’t tell you specifically what it is but see if you can identify it yourself. After you spot it, direct your attention to the chart halfway down which states the amount of car accidents per miles travelled for men and women of different age groups. Of all the information there I thought these statistics, if accurate, would be the most revealing on who actually has more accidents.

The chart states that of men and women between the ages of 16 and 19, men were in 4,257 crash involvements for 46.4 billion miles driven whereas women were in 1,852 crash involvements for 35.2 billion miles driven. I don’t know in what time frame these particular statistics were taken because I could not find the original source they grabbed this information from. I tried following the sources listed at the bottom of the graphic but per usual ended up going in circles and running into broken links. It does seem to me that measuring the miles driven in the billions is an awful lot but I am no expert on these things. Maybe they added a zero or two in the process, who knows. But, if the ratios are accurate we can make them smaller as to be a little easier on the eyes, and that is just what I did.

Go back and look at the ratios of accidents to miles driven for each age group. I reduced the ratios and put them in a graph below.

A pretty line graph.

A pretty line graph.

A few things stand out. By far the most dangerous drivers are men and women between the ages of 16 and 19 with men being almost twice as likely to get into accidents per miles driven. However when both sexes reach the ages between 30 and 59 they become much safer drivers and the difference between the sexes reduces dramatically. In that age group men were only 30% more likely to get into accidents per miles driven. The ratio for men was 1:56m and women 1:79m (m = million km). But the real meat of these statistics lies in the overall totals. When we add up all the numbers and reduce the ratio to single digits we get, men at roughly 1:4 and women 1:6 for accidents per miles driven. Is this difference big enough to justify the $15,000 more men pay in a lifetime for automobile insurance? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps the insurance companies know best.

Summary and a Privilege Reversal

So what did I learn from all of this? Well for one, a lot of the statistics seem to contradict over the years but not all. Some reinforce stereotypes that women are bad drivers, some do not. Some indicate men are more reckless others do not but one thing that made me chuckle was a glaring fact that indeed, women are beginning to catch up to men when it comes to the amount of accidents they have including fatal ones. Perhaps women can thank feminism for helping them gain the confidence to drive more aggressively by breaking down stereotypes, so now that yellow light fast turning red looks more like a challenge than a warning. Yay for feminism!

But this blog post isn’t over until I address the obvious male privilege Mr. Metro-sexual stated that inspired this piece:

“You can be a careless driver and not have people blame it on your sex.”

Well sir, as I have shown, men too suffer from stereotypes in regards to being called reckless and taking unnecessary risks behind the wheel. I am indeed a man and have never been in an accident in my life while driving. But really… do men actually get away with some kind of grand privilege when it comes to driving simply because they are men? Tell that to the millions of competent male drivers that have to pay more money for auto insurance just because they are men. Or is this men’s own fault because, you know, all men are reckless and risk takers right? Further, the stats also show that the old stereotype stating women are bad drivers does have a ring of truth to it. Can you hear it?

Now I will end with my reworking of male privilege number 3, and there might be a couple one could pull from all this, but for now how about for female privilege number 3:

“You can be a careless unconfident driver and still pay less for auto insurance simply because of your sex.”

Hey, call me reckless and a risk taker any day if it means I can pay less to drive. Enjoy your privilege women, while you can.


Next time I tackle point number 4 from the dummy list which states:

“You can be confident that your coworkers won’t assume you were hired because of your sex.”

Stay tuned.

Video blog that corresponds with this blog post is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aivoTcGAwqg


Authors Note: The numbers in the graph should represent miles not kilometers.


By Ayam Sirias

Within the issues of gender differences and conflict these days, money definitely plays an important role. Usually when money rears its ugly head from the trenches of gender warfare, we tend to take aim at the heart which beats to a bad Miley Cyrus tune (as if a good one exists) screaming that men unfairly earn more money than women throughout the work force for doing the same jobs. But number two on this list isn’t about making money is it. No, this point is not aimed at the heart, but the steel balls of cold hard cash. The second mythical male privilege we will tackle today isn’t about earning money but spending it.

(Link to YouTube video corresponding to this blog post is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgj5Hg8d8f0)

Mythical male privilege #2:

“You can be careless with your money and not have people blame it on your sex.”

“Money makes the world go round”, one popular idiom proclaims and though this may be arguable, most would agree that some scary kind of truth rings true with it. So to give a proper introduction to my next reworking, I now present a few quotes which may not only ring bells of truth but also the bell ends of many men reading this.

“If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.” – Aristotle Onassis

“Someone stole all my credit cards, but I won’t be reporting it. The thief spends less than my wife did.” – Henny Youngman

“Ah, yes, divorce … from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man’s genitals through his wallet” — Robin Williams

“It’s money. I remember it from when I was single” — Billy Crystal

“There’s a way of transferring funds that is even faster than electronic banking. It’s called marriage” — James Holt McGavran

“If you’re given a choice between money and sex appeal, take the money. As you get older, the money will become your sex appeal.” — Katherine Hepburn

“A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be” — unknown

“In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” –Tony Montana (Al Pacino) Scarface

Read through those quotes and take some time to think about them and if you can relate to them while I begin to pick apart the second point from the list that can be found at this blog spot here.

First of all not only is this just the second point on the list but also the second point that says that the true disadvantage women face in regards to the issue, is having their behavior blamed on their sex. I’m starting to think that the author thinks men and some women can’t possibly blame the poor behavior of women on realistic things such as a lack of education or difficult upbringing because then it wouldn’t be sexist. It would just be, you know, some people in some places having an issue with responsible spending. But what is our grand emperor patriarchy without his transparent garment of sexism? Second of all, it appears that the meat of this particular male privilege is the careless spending of money.

The author obviously believes that irresponsible spending habits can be had by members of both sexes, and I agree with this, but let’s take a look at the sordid love affair between women and money from a few angles and try to put this concept into perspective.

The ties that bind.

The ties that bind.

The Consumption of Women

Another common phrase we often here is, money is power. However, I would add to this in pointing out that money laying around in your pocket doesn’t truly exert its power until it is spent or earned; in other words transacted. While you may hear the crunched numbers of women only earning 77 cents to a man’s dollar in the world of work, why don’t we find out who is actually spending all this money.

According to a Nielsen report called Women of Tomorrow, “Women control the majority of household spending decisions, their influence is growing and they are increasingly exercising this new-found power in a variety of ways.”  According to another article that has sourced that same report, “women are responsible for 65% of global spending and 80% of US spending – (everything from autos to health care)”. Do these figures really surprise anyone? Now the question must be asked, what constitutes careless spending of money? Is it careless to spend your money on what we might call luxury items such as beauty enhancing or cosmetic products and procedures? Well according to this article which sourced the Huffington post and YouGov for the data, “women reportedly spend $426 billion a year on beauty products” and “women pay $151 billion extra a year in fees and markups that men don’t have to pay on the same products”.  Now feminists may cry that women having to spend more money than men on these types of products is sexist, but is it really a wonder as to why? Bottom line, women love spending money and the advertisers and marketers know this.

Whether careless spending can be defined as spending money on useless products or the sheer amount of consumption alone, women top the list in all categories.  Yes, women’s spending stretches a manicure mile and it follows that the more money you spend the better your chances of spending it carelessly. But if the data is correct about women’s spending habits AND that women on average earn 23% less than men in the work force, where does a lot of the money that women are spending come from?

Men’s Money

Let’s face it. With women spending those ridiculous amounts of money but earning less, it would follow that like the header of this section suggests, a lot of that spent money is coming from men; These men being husbands, boyfriends, lovers, fathers, sons and the state.

Husbands foot a hefty bill because of the shackles of marriage. They are expected by society to support the woman and children financially with their daily expenses and needs. I don’t even want to get into the evils of alimony and child support; that is a point for another article which will assuredly come as we trudge through this list. Also, what about boyfriends and lovers paying for dates, meals and drinks when a couple goes out? Or even the heavy cost of proposing when it comes to shelling out for a woman’s best friend, the diamond? Feminist’s everywhere cry for equality but until they start putting the money down for dates, excepting lower priced engagement gifts and coughing up money of their own for child support, I’m going to keep saluting them with the royal middle finger of this so called patriarchy that spawns the endless male privilege in our society.

Then there is all the money women legally suck from their pseudo-husbands and lovers, the state. How much money by default is granted to single mothers, divorcees, women cancer victims, women abuse victims and on and on by the state compared to what men in similar positions have access to? I swear if the state was phallic and had multiple vibration settings women would announce that heaven has arrived and it is here on Earth.

I myself have experienced separation and divorce and though I can be severely punished for not proving that I am sending money to my wife and child every month, she is never expected to prove that she is actually spending that money on my child or if she is even spending it responsibly at all. How do I know she is not just contributing her part to that bottomless pit of cosmopolitan consumption every time my sphincter tightens as I press OK on the ATM machine each pay day?


I think everyone can agree that people of all races, creeds, gender and religious denominations have the capacity to spend money carelessly, but the numbers do show that women are the best at it. Is it solely because of their sex as the author of the article I am dismantling believes? Or is it something else? I will let you the readers decide, but for now I am going to rework the original male privilege that begun this article into a female one. I now present to you, female privilege number two on my list.

#2. You are allowed to carelessly spend money as long as it belongs to a man.

That’s right. As a woman, you might carelessly spend your own money and some people may even blame it on your sex, but you can also merrily burn holes in a man’s pockets while skipping through the mall and everyone seems to be OK with that!

Before I go I want to point out that I’m trying to make a meme to go along with every female privilege I post but I found this one here on the net and I doubt I could top it.

Kind of like taking a stiletto heel to the balls isn't it fellas.

Kind of like taking a stiletto heel to the balls isn’t it fellas.

Ouch! But fear not, I’m still going to end this piece with my own meme, cause that’s just how I roll.

female privilege 2b


Check in later when I tackle the third mythical male privilege from the turd list which states:

“You can be a careless driver and not have people blame it on your sex.”

This here one is gonna be funner than tellin’ a woman her shoes don’t match her dress… Yeee haw!

30+ Examples of Female Privilege. Reworking The Myth of Male Privilege Pt. 1

By Ayam Sirias

Welcome thrill seekers to my first contribution to ‘Feminism Is Fraud’ and I’m going to dive right into things.

A few weeks ago I was turned onto a blog article by a friend through the Facebook group ‘The Human Rights Round Table’.  The article entitled “30+ Examples of Male Privilege” can be found at the blog ‘It’s pronounced Metrosexual’ and is written by a Sam Killermann (I’m sure there is no pun intended in his last name). This self proclaimed metrosexual has written a list of 35 points revealing once again, like the hemline of a whore, the many privileges that men are graced with in our society simply because they are men.

Now what I am going to attempt to do is not only refute each and every one of his points, but correct them and rework them in a way that anyone living on planet Earth can easily understand. Before you continue reading you may want to click on the link to his article and prepare yourself by reading through it first. Go ahead. Let each point of his sink in whether you are male or female and take note of how each one makes you feel, because I am going to rework my way through them one point at a time.

So without further stalling, ladies and metromen, I present to you Killermann’s first turd of wisdom, his first enlightening point showcasing the privilege that all men have from the moment a women pushes them from her womb.

#1. If you have a bad day or are in a bad mood, people aren’t going to blame it on your sex.

If I may elaborate, what I believe Mr. Homometro is saying is that, when women are in a bad mood or are having a bad day, their resulting behavior will be blamed on the fact that they are women.

Now we all have had bad days or have been in bad moods, and one consequence of this is that our related behavior will undoubtedly affect, in a negative way, the people around us. And according to Metro Einstein here, women suffer the poor disadvantage of having that ill behavior blamed on the fact that they are female. I’m going to go on the record and say that I personally have never blamed a woman’s bad mood solely on the fact that she is a woman, nor have I known anyone to do that, nor have I ever been in the presence of anyone making that claim, but perhaps Metro boy has, and maybe other readers may have experienced this too. However let me now refute and correct this point starting with a well known biological phenomenon known as menstruation.

Once a month every woman of age gets a visit from the bloody fairy known as menstruation or her period; and during this often intense visitation, women are famously known to BE IN A BAD MOOD or BE HAVING A BAD DAY. Consequently this bad mood leads to ill behavior and there isn’t a man alive today that has not been tossed ass side up in the wake of this all too familiar event. However dear readers, in no way is this a disadvantage to a women nor is its absence in the biology of men somehow a privilege to them when it comes to behavior being excused. With just this one biological gremlin lurking in the plumbing of all females, any woman’s ill behavior can be justified and excused.

“Pay no attention to the lunatic behind the curtain; it’s that time of the month.”  Say’s a choir of men and women in perfect harmony.


She’ll be fine. Just her monthly visitor again.

It is not enough to just end my refutation here, nor do I wish to. In fact I am going to go out on a limb and say that women don’t even need to use the period pass to justify and excuse ill and even violent behavior. They simply have to be recognized by their privilege of being a woman. Let me regale you with a personal experience to make my point.

I have recently been going through a divorce and in turn have been going through the painful experience of custody battles and one fateful day about 2 to 3 months ago I was reminded of this. (I will spare a lot of the details but you can go to my video here and get the juicy if you want)

One day I was about to take my son home from school when a female friend called me with the surprising news that an old friend I had not even spoken to in about 3 years was at a frequent haunt of mine requesting my presence. What followed was the shrilling chime of alarm bells going off in my head, as this old friend also happened to be married to a close friend of my ex. Further, I had earlier denied my wife the opportunity to take my son for the weekend and felt quite justified in making this decision, based on details I describe in my video response. Sadly, deaf to the cries of my common sense, I agreed to meet him, and as I headed to this café my mind, ever so slyly, convinced my heart that everything would be ok. On my arrival, any suspicions of foul play I may have had receded and were tempered with a drink, good conversation and catching up with old friends.

When common sense calls it best be answered, and about 40 minutes later, like Dracula emerging from the mist, my ex wife came lurking through the door. Remember how I said this old friend was married to an old friend of my ex? Well I soon found out that a discrete phone call had been made on the confirmation of my requested arrival which set into motion the terrible events that transpired. I had been set up.

I suddenly found myself between my ex and the closed door to the office where my son had been resting. I begged her to calm down as she screamed, shoved, spit and moaned her way to attention seeking heaven, which caused paying customers to get up and leave because of the awkward atmosphere she had created. I begged and pleaded with all the staff and security, both males and females, that they remove her from the premises or in the very least assist me in calming her down and escorting us both to a neutral location away from my son so he would not have to witness her rampage. Not a finger was raised. Despite the fact that she had invaded an establishment, caused a scene and forced paying customers to prematurely leave because of her behavior.

I’ll end the story there but will tell you that the inaction of male and female staff in the face of a disturbance by a women that cost them business, ultimately cost me that time with my son. As she walked out the door dragging my crying son behind, she suffered no consequences what so ever for her inexcusable behavior because… you guessed it… she is a WOMAN! Would the roles have been reversed and I as a man had entered the café arms flailing, shouting at the top of my lungs until customers left, I would have been dragged out of that place faster than you can say menstrual mayhem.

I'm gonna raise hell and there is nothing you can do about it.

I’m gonna raise hell and there is nothing you can do about it.

Dear, Mr. Metrosexual. I dare say that everything I have mentioned in this short refutation of your opinion based male privilege point, in no way fits with your delusion that when women behave badly, we all blame it on their sex. No sir, when women behave badly in the real world, we justify and condone their ill action. We traditionally excuse their often lunatic binges, no period required, based solely on the crippling fact that THEY ARE WOMEN!

I am sure that anyone reading this can relate it to any number of their own experiences they may have had and while nodding with approval, can confirm this privilege that all women are not only born with, but cherish and use at any opportunity.

So with great joy I present to you, the first point of my reworked list I shall title, “30+ Examples of Female Privilege.” (Reworking The Myth Of Male Privilege.)

#1. If you have a bad day or are in a bad mood, people will justify, condone and excuse any resulting ill behavior based on your sex.

Yes dear readers the first point has been refuted and corrected. Men revel in NO privilege of having their bad moods and ill behavior overlooked simply because they are men. In fact most men will tow the line of excuse, forgiving the worst female behavior because she was blessed to be born without a set of balls. Now put that in your vagina and smoke it.



Coming soon, the reworking of point number two which states:

“You can be careless with your money and not have people blame it on your sex.”

Let that one sink in for a while.