30+ Examples of Female Privilege. Reworking The Myth of Male Privilege Pt. 1

By Ayam Sirias

Welcome thrill seekers to my first contribution to ‘Feminism Is Fraud’ and I’m going to dive right into things.

A few weeks ago I was turned onto a blog article by a friend through the Facebook group ‘The Human Rights Round Table’.  The article entitled “30+ Examples of Male Privilege” can be found at the blog ‘It’s pronounced Metrosexual’ and is written by a Sam Killermann (I’m sure there is no pun intended in his last name). This self proclaimed metrosexual has written a list of 35 points revealing once again, like the hemline of a whore, the many privileges that men are graced with in our society simply because they are men.

Now what I am going to attempt to do is not only refute each and every one of his points, but correct them and rework them in a way that anyone living on planet Earth can easily understand. Before you continue reading you may want to click on the link to his article and prepare yourself by reading through it first. Go ahead. Let each point of his sink in whether you are male or female and take note of how each one makes you feel, because I am going to rework my way through them one point at a time.

So without further stalling, ladies and metromen, I present to you Killermann’s first turd of wisdom, his first enlightening point showcasing the privilege that all men have from the moment a women pushes them from her womb.

#1. If you have a bad day or are in a bad mood, people aren’t going to blame it on your sex.

If I may elaborate, what I believe Mr. Homometro is saying is that, when women are in a bad mood or are having a bad day, their resulting behavior will be blamed on the fact that they are women.

Now we all have had bad days or have been in bad moods, and one consequence of this is that our related behavior will undoubtedly affect, in a negative way, the people around us. And according to Metro Einstein here, women suffer the poor disadvantage of having that ill behavior blamed on the fact that they are female. I’m going to go on the record and say that I personally have never blamed a woman’s bad mood solely on the fact that she is a woman, nor have I known anyone to do that, nor have I ever been in the presence of anyone making that claim, but perhaps Metro boy has, and maybe other readers may have experienced this too. However let me now refute and correct this point starting with a well known biological phenomenon known as menstruation.

Once a month every woman of age gets a visit from the bloody fairy known as menstruation or her period; and during this often intense visitation, women are famously known to BE IN A BAD MOOD or BE HAVING A BAD DAY. Consequently this bad mood leads to ill behavior and there isn’t a man alive today that has not been tossed ass side up in the wake of this all too familiar event. However dear readers, in no way is this a disadvantage to a women nor is its absence in the biology of men somehow a privilege to them when it comes to behavior being excused. With just this one biological gremlin lurking in the plumbing of all females, any woman’s ill behavior can be justified and excused.

“Pay no attention to the lunatic behind the curtain; it’s that time of the month.”  Say’s a choir of men and women in perfect harmony.


She’ll be fine. Just her monthly visitor again.

It is not enough to just end my refutation here, nor do I wish to. In fact I am going to go out on a limb and say that women don’t even need to use the period pass to justify and excuse ill and even violent behavior. They simply have to be recognized by their privilege of being a woman. Let me regale you with a personal experience to make my point.

I have recently been going through a divorce and in turn have been going through the painful experience of custody battles and one fateful day about 2 to 3 months ago I was reminded of this. (I will spare a lot of the details but you can go to my video here and get the juicy if you want)

One day I was about to take my son home from school when a female friend called me with the surprising news that an old friend I had not even spoken to in about 3 years was at a frequent haunt of mine requesting my presence. What followed was the shrilling chime of alarm bells going off in my head, as this old friend also happened to be married to a close friend of my ex. Further, I had earlier denied my wife the opportunity to take my son for the weekend and felt quite justified in making this decision, based on details I describe in my video response. Sadly, deaf to the cries of my common sense, I agreed to meet him, and as I headed to this café my mind, ever so slyly, convinced my heart that everything would be ok. On my arrival, any suspicions of foul play I may have had receded and were tempered with a drink, good conversation and catching up with old friends.

When common sense calls it best be answered, and about 40 minutes later, like Dracula emerging from the mist, my ex wife came lurking through the door. Remember how I said this old friend was married to an old friend of my ex? Well I soon found out that a discrete phone call had been made on the confirmation of my requested arrival which set into motion the terrible events that transpired. I had been set up.

I suddenly found myself between my ex and the closed door to the office where my son had been resting. I begged her to calm down as she screamed, shoved, spit and moaned her way to attention seeking heaven, which caused paying customers to get up and leave because of the awkward atmosphere she had created. I begged and pleaded with all the staff and security, both males and females, that they remove her from the premises or in the very least assist me in calming her down and escorting us both to a neutral location away from my son so he would not have to witness her rampage. Not a finger was raised. Despite the fact that she had invaded an establishment, caused a scene and forced paying customers to prematurely leave because of her behavior.

I’ll end the story there but will tell you that the inaction of male and female staff in the face of a disturbance by a women that cost them business, ultimately cost me that time with my son. As she walked out the door dragging my crying son behind, she suffered no consequences what so ever for her inexcusable behavior because… you guessed it… she is a WOMAN! Would the roles have been reversed and I as a man had entered the café arms flailing, shouting at the top of my lungs until customers left, I would have been dragged out of that place faster than you can say menstrual mayhem.

I'm gonna raise hell and there is nothing you can do about it.

I’m gonna raise hell and there is nothing you can do about it.

Dear, Mr. Metrosexual. I dare say that everything I have mentioned in this short refutation of your opinion based male privilege point, in no way fits with your delusion that when women behave badly, we all blame it on their sex. No sir, when women behave badly in the real world, we justify and condone their ill action. We traditionally excuse their often lunatic binges, no period required, based solely on the crippling fact that THEY ARE WOMEN!

I am sure that anyone reading this can relate it to any number of their own experiences they may have had and while nodding with approval, can confirm this privilege that all women are not only born with, but cherish and use at any opportunity.

So with great joy I present to you, the first point of my reworked list I shall title, “30+ Examples of Female Privilege.” (Reworking The Myth Of Male Privilege.)

#1. If you have a bad day or are in a bad mood, people will justify, condone and excuse any resulting ill behavior based on your sex.

Yes dear readers the first point has been refuted and corrected. Men revel in NO privilege of having their bad moods and ill behavior overlooked simply because they are men. In fact most men will tow the line of excuse, forgiving the worst female behavior because she was blessed to be born without a set of balls. Now put that in your vagina and smoke it.



Coming soon, the reworking of point number two which states:

“You can be careless with your money and not have people blame it on your sex.”

Let that one sink in for a while.


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